15 & 16
OCT 2024

15 & 16
OCT 2024


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Welcome to a revoloutionary, the beyond booking system - WizButler. WizButler’s patented technology space booking system with dancing tables.

The world’s first and patented 3-D space management system (does not use the 2-D table and table combination system used by all other systems).

  • Dynamic table control can add, remove, and rearrange tables in accordance with booking requests to optimise the space and maximise the bookings taken.

  • Dynamic re-allocations online in real time to ensure all allocations are always optimised, hence the system can increase your online booking by 50% more during your service when the existing systems start to reject bookings when the restaurant is full 60%-65%.

  • Customer centric as it can seat a VIP on their favourite table.

  • Product differentiation as it allows venues to create "classes" within the venue (views; private booths; no kids), different menus for different classes and times, extended time durations and apply different booking and pricing rules.

  • Personalisation allows customers to personalise their dining experience, by choosing a class of space or table or an exact space or table, extended durations, third party items.

  • Yield Management the offering of different spaces, different menus and different pricing to different customers at different times and different booking rules.

Additional modules include Newsletters, Gift Certificate, Loyalty and functions, POS and Tills.

Come and visit us our stand, F76, or make a prior appointment to avoid waiting via mail@resbutler.com.

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